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Mud In My Blood (129 sek)
Double CD (89 sek)
Blue Is The Color Of My Heart (59 sek)

Mud In My Blood

1. Chase Your Own Tail

2. Don't Confuse Me

3. Mud In My Blood

4. Migratory Man

5. Sittin On a Cloud

6. Every Single Reason

7. Bonita Senorita

8. Today

9. I Ain't Sorry

10. Hold Of My Heart

11. Hangin' On


Hospice for romantic hearts

1. Hospice for Romantic Hearts

2. Mama oh Mama

3. When Love Says Goodbye

4. Really gone gone

5. Im all country now

6. If you don't love me anymore

7. The right to remain silent

8. I can't decide

9. Falling into you

10. All in

11. Nobody knows that girl


What will the neighbours say?

1. Brand new start

2. What will the neighbors say?

3. Mountain Sky

4. Borderline Girl

5. Way you kiss

6. Two Lovers

7. In the backseat of my car

8. Ultimate Sin

9. These blue eyes of mine

10. The day you turned my love into a crime

11. Down unlucky road

12. Last Night

Blue is the color of my heart

1. My drug of choice

2. Old broken dreams

3. Blue is the color of my heart

4. Shoot me in the head

5. Like alcohol in a drink

6. Run baby run

7. Your sister was bueno

8. Too long

9. It looked like love

10. Wrong end of the stick

11. My heart made a fool out of me

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